Listening to Vanessa Hall for my first time in 2012 in Johannesburg was turning point in my life. Applying Entente’s model of trust has elevated me from just a common person to now sitting on different national and international Boards. I also started and run my own business that is growing well and winning the trust of the local communities. Her book the Truth About Trust in Business is a must-read book for every leader and businessperson.

Davis Samuel Hiire – Director, Oasis of Hope, Uganda

Vanessa is a real champion of trust – not just in name but by her actions. Entente’s trust message is applicable to people at all levels.

Dennis Reina – Co-Founder and Co-President, Reina Trust Building Institute, USA

First of all I want to publicly state that I admire Vanessa for her commitment to elevating trust in relationships across the world. I am currently reading her book “The Truth About TRUST in Business.” It is an integral piece of trust literature that is grounded on time-tested knowledge and wisdom. It is as relevant to our hyper-connected digital relationships as to our offline ones.

Had the pleasure to meet Vanessa at the 1st International Summit of Trust in Montreal in May of 2015. I highly recommend you connect and engage Vanessa. If you are a leader (for-profit or non-profit), professional, or entrepreneur, what can be more important to sustaining an organization today than nurturing a culture of trust with all your stakeholders. Everything you want more of or less of improves in your organization with higher levels of trust. Vanessa will collaborate with you and your team to elevate your organizational culture of trust.

Rob Peters –Founder, Senior Business Development Manager, Standard of Trust, USA

Vanessa has taken the most complex but fundamental of pillars of human interaction and made it accessible again. She has created a method and training program that holds a mirror up to deeds and promises to see if they makes sense.

Too often training is about what you can ‘do’ better. Entente is not about that. It is about creating a language of trust that helps everyone ‘be better’. Trust becomes like a benevolent third person who ‘sits in’ on every human interaction.

Michael Collins – Business Coach, Private Wealth Management, South Africa

As CEO of a not for profit, our values are most important to us and our every day work is based upon building trusting relationships. Trust therefore plays a major part in this and trust is an area where Vanessa and Entente is a global leader. Through the training provided Vanessa was able to engage with our values and assist us in finding a language to ensure our future communications and promises to each other would continue to uphold our values and in return achieve our vision.

Jayne Meyer Tucker, Social Engineer, JMTinc, Australia

I was one of three people from South Africa who have participated in Fusion International’s Social Entrepreneur Conference in Iserlohn, Germany, August 2009. Vanessa Hall was a speaker at the conference and her message about trust touched me in a profound way. A number of us invited Vanessa to come to South Africa, because we are passionate about the truth about trust and want to teach people more about it, so that our society can benefit from Entente’s models as we did.

Anne Timms – Community Development Consultant, Asset Based Citizen Led Development Consultant (ABCD), South Africa

Vanessa is on a life time mission to restore the value and understanding of trust into business, communities and personal relationships. Her model gives a clear framework for all people to understand and apply in their lives. She is passionate and committed to her goal of becoming the ambassador of trust around the world. Thank you for starting this movement in South Africa. We hope to use the tools to bring about change in our Nation.

Lynda Smith – CEO Refirement Network, South Africa

I cannot say that when I first heard Vanessa’s proposition on Entente that I really understood the message. However I was impressed by Vanessa’s passion and commitment to have people and organizations engage with each other, in every aspect of their lives, on a foundation of trust. I am now a convert to the principles that Vanessa has imparted upon myself and the team at Gunz Dental and am dedicated to inculcating these principles in all aspects of our business. I recommend Vanessa, her passion and commitment, in the corporate world and as importantly in the not for profit and education sectors, to establish trust as a foundation for all relationships for the benefit of the Human Race.

Trevor Martin – CEO, Gunz Dental, Australia

Vanessa provided a professionally delivered, thought provoking presentation on the importance of trust in our lives. The message is relevant to everyone of us in it can be applied to all aspects of our lives not just specifically to business relationships

Robin Baird – Former Co-ordinator, Business Chamber of Commerce, Australia